Applications and Advantages

Applications and Advantages

The Sunwaves technology can be applied to several different systems and in several applications. Thus using the unique features of the foil slats and their properties.  Below we show some examples for the use of the Sunwaves.

You can modify and adapt the Sunwaves technology to your system specifications and limits. The foils allow you to add variable sun shading functionality to your products as a value-added upgrade to your current system. This will deliver a unique product to your clients.

Sunwaves technology allows you to open and close slats in situations that to date were impossible to resolve without affecting the design of your current systems and products.


Suitable for all situations

Due to its unique features the Sunwaves technology can be implemented in situations where there are no solutions today !

  • horizontal skylights 
  • triangular shaped windows as part of the facade of the building
  • free-formed and round windows
  • windows and doors that turn and move around
  • the ultimate minimalistic design of a facade 
  • skylights with slanted windows
  • privacy interior walls that require silence and flexibility

Unique design features

Advantages and properties

Applying Sunwaves foil to your products will allow your clients to control the amount of light entering spaces with the following advantages:

  • REGULATE LIGHT by opening or closing the Sunwave slats; one can block out 100% of the light or allow up to 95% to come through
  • THERMAL properties of windows boosted
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and insensitive to gravity
  • SOUNDLESS with no motors or mechanical parts
  • NO MAINTENANCE because the movement comes from an inherent material characteristic
  • HYGIENIC due to the lack of mechanical parts requiring lubrication
  • LOW-POWER and LOW-ENERGY due to the light weight
  • SUSTAINABLE and DURABLE due to the lack of mechanical parts that suffer wear and tear
  • ADJUSTABLE with simple tools and skills
  • And many more

Example: skylight

Playful slat and contour design

The Sunwaves foil slats can be designed and carved in any shape and contour to match your specific situation.  An example. 



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