About us

SUNWAVES is our newest technology which we have successfully developed, tested and prepared in the past 10 years!

We were enchanted by the beauty and magic of this sustainable technology when we first learned about it several years ago. Now we offer you the same opportunity to fall in love with it! Get in touch with us and we can tell you all about the technology, its amazing features, and the unique opportunities it can unlock for you. Get in touch and we’ll arrange a visit soon!

We have developed the technology from the simple one-off prototype towards the materials and semi-product ready to be produced on industrial scale. It took some time to develop and scale the technology into feasible and economically interesting materials and products. We have tested it thoroughly in all kinds of conditions so we know the limits of its application and how it reacts in all kinds of situations. We are based in the Netherlands and our suppliers are close-by, ensuring there are no supply chain hurdles. This way we offer companies the unique opportunity to use the patented technology with no risk. You can use our materials to enhance your own system with the open-close functionality and alter and adjust the semi-finished products in any way you like. This gives you the unique, exclusive opportunity to experiment with this innovative technology.

SUNWAVES is the newest innovative technology that we are offering to help you differentiate your company from others.

This time we have gone further than we have ever done before; we have transferred the technology into ready-to-use products for you, thus lowering the barrier for you to start using the technology and making it much easier to start your own development.

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Sunwaves BV,   Meander 251,  6825 MC Arnhem, The Netherlands